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MASTERCLASS: NEUROTHEOLOGY – Paleoanthropology, Cognitive Neuroscience & Kenotic Doctrine of Creation

September 10 - December 10



The Theological Implications of Cognitive Neuroscience:

How advances in science, technology and medicine impact the Christian theology of creation with reference to morality, sin & freedom of will.


Instructor: Ron Choong, PhD


This is a 3-month course that meets 8 times between Sep-Dec. It will cover Dr Choong’s PhD dissertation currently being prepared for publication as “Do we sin because we are sinners or are we sinners because we sin?”

No background in philosophy, science or theology is needed but a strong commitment to reading the materials is expected. You may either take this course as an auditor or be examined (this includes 3 open-book tests and a paper on a topic of your choice – max. 2,500 words).


  1. Sep. 10: Postfoundational Convergence: An Interdisciplinary Method
  2. Sep. 17: Five Questions: The Geohistory of Creation — What, Where, When, How, Why
  3. Sep. 24: The Evolution of Creation & Creation of Evolution
  4. Oct. 1: The Emergence of Humans followed by a tour of the American Museum of Natural History Spitzer Hall of Human Origins - Neuroscience exhibit
  5. Nov. 12: The Evolution of the Brain & the Rise of Consciousness (Emotions, Memory & Volition)
  6. Nov. 19: The Emergence of Morality & the Rise of Existential Sin (Nolition)
  7. Dec. 3: The Theological Challenges of Neuroscience (Autism, Dementia, Multiple Personality Syndrome, Schizophrenia &  Tourette's Syndrome)
  8. Dec 10: Towards a Kenotic Doctrine of Moral Cognition, Nolitional Freedom & Divine Love


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